Apple AirPods Max Smart Case Said to Feature a Magnetic Clasp in New Patent

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Apple AirPods Max was launched in India back in December 2020. The second generation of the AirPods Max is not even in the lineup yet. But the US Patent and Trademark Office has now officially granted a patent to Apple that may possibly hint at an AirPods Max Smart Case. The upcoming case may have an opening into an interior region for the headphones, according to the report. Moreover, the new housing may also be provided with a magnetic clasp.

As reported by Patently Apple, Apple could be working on a smart case for the Apple AirPods Max. For this purpose, the US Patent and Trademark Office has now officially granted a patent to the AirPods Max manufacturing company, according to the report.

The report has also added that the new case might come with an opening into an interior region to store the headphones, while there can be a magnetic closure along the opening. The magnetic closure, along with mating flexible magnetic members, can help to form the opening.

“Each flexible magnetic member may be formed from magnetic particles or permanent magnet elements embedded in an elastomeric polymer. Elastomeric magnetic-field shunts may be provided in the flexible magnetic members. Multiple magnetic elements may be formed along the length of each magnetic member to form a multipole permanent magnet,” the report said.

You can take a full look at this granted patent here.

Besides this, a previous report suggests that the Apple AirPods Max’s new colour variants are expected to launch later this year. It was originally introduced in space grey, silver, green, pink, and sky blue colour variants. The report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gunman also hopes that the over-ear headphones get a price cut. However, currently, there’s no indication of the tech giant’s price drop plans yet.

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