EWR Digital, a Houston-based digital marketing agency, bought a Houston Texans suite with cryptocurrency, making the franchise the first NFL team to sell a suite through digital currency. The Texans entered into a partnership this season with BitWallet, a local cryptocurrency company, making them the official crypto wallet provider for the team. The partnership allows NFL fans to purchase single-game suites with cryptocurrency using BitWallet, which converts crypto into the US dollars. The deal so far only allows crypto to be used to book game suites and not match-day tickets or official merchandise yet.

For the uninitiated, a game suite refers to a luxury private viewing box in the stadium that is often decked out with buffets, expensive alcohol, bathrooms, TVs, attendants and a prime location to view the game. The Texans’ website doesn’t list a price for single-game or full-season suites, instead asking people to first submit an inquiry to secure one.

“We are proud to partner with BitWallet to offer an exciting option for our fans who are looking to enjoy Texans gameday in one of our suites,” Houston Texans President Greg Grissom said. “BitWallet is a perfect collaborator as we continue our efforts to move our organization forward in new and innovative ways.”

“Digital currency has become a primary means of payment and by partnering with BitWallet, the Texans are leading the way in the NFL,” BitWallet CEO John T. Perrone said. “I am honoured that BitWallet is the first to offer Texans fans this service.”

BitWallet, a wallet and a crypto exchange by virtue, was founded back in 2013 and claims to be supported in over 160 countries and currently enables users to trade or hold Bitcoin, and has plans to roll out support for Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Tether, and Bitcoin Cash over the next couple of months.

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