Twitter CoTweets Feature in Testing, Will Let Users Co-Author a Single Tweet

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Twitter is testing out a new feature called CoTweets, which is claimed to be a new way to Tweet together. This feature will allow two accounts to co-author a tweet. Furthermore, the profile picture and handles of co-authors will appear in the shared tweet. However, this feature is in the testing phase as of now and is only available for some select accounts in the United States, Canada, and Korea, as per the company. The company claims that eligible Twitter users can now send invites to CoTweet with another user.

According to a tweet from the Twitter Create account, the social media platform is testing out a new feature called CoTweets, which will allow two accounts to co-author a tweet. The co-authored tweet will show both the profile pictures and handles of both users.

“A CoTweet is a co-authored Tweet that’s posted simultaneously to both authors’ profiles and their followers’ timelines”, as explained by the company. Users will be able to recognise a CoTweet when they will see two authors’ profile pictures and usernames in the header.

The CoTweets feature is currently being experimented with and is live for limited users in the United States, Canada, and Korea. However, Twitter Create also notes that “At the end of this experiment, we may turn off this feature and any CoTweets that were created may be removed.”

Meanwhile, eligible Twitter users can draft a CoTweet by heading to the Tweet composer. They’ll then have to add the co-authored message and Tap the CoTweet icon. Next, they’ll need to select a co-author from their follower list and send an invite. Users will only be able to edit a co-authored tweet before sending an invite. If they need to edit the tweet after sending an invite, then they’ll need to delete the tweet and start over, the company states.

Twitter has provided detailed information about the CoTweet feature on its Help Center.

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